Sea Monsters Unearthed: Life in Angola’s Ancient Seas

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As the media lead for the exhibition, Sea Monsters Unearthed: Life in Angola’s Ancient Seas, I worked within a project team to conceptualize, develop, iteratively test, and finalize a number of video and interactive works featured in the exhibition. Working with exhibit developers, AV staff, curators from Southern Methodist University, and 3D animators, Karen Carr Studio, I led the conceptual thinking in shaping how to best convey complex scientific concepts and visualizations in accessible visual ways, working with AV staff to identify hardware solutions and the ideal formats for presenting each piece. I also led visitor testing in the museum using prototypes to ensure key concepts were understood and the usability of the interactive was effective. The exhibit included two videos, a touch screen interface for various 3D visualizations of a fossil on display, and a large 3D animation of an ancient sea environment projected onto a wall of the exhibit.

A view of the Smithsonian exhibit, "Sea Monsters Unearthed"